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JEAN FRANÇOIS JANINET (1752-1814): lithograph from “Cahier de principes de dessein d’apres nature”

Jean François Janinet

Offered here is the fourth plate of the twelfth volume of the “Cahier de principes de dessein d’apres nature”, dedicated to the First Painter to the King, Jean Baptiste Marie Pierre (1714-1789). Printed by Les Campions Frères (Paris 1780). This was a series of studies intended for artists, divided into fourteen volumes of six plates each. The set was printed in bright red, dark red or bistre, and published by Le Père & Avaulez (1773-77), Mondhare & Jean (1773-80) and Les Campions Frères (from 1780).

Lithograph after the red chalk (crayon) drawings of Pierre Thomas le Clerc (1740-1791). Dimensions (plate) 21,4 x 29,2 cm. P.o.d. Click for more pictures and information.

CHARLES AUGUSTE RACINET (1825-1893): l'Ornement polychrome. Receuil historique et pratique de l'Art

Charles Auguste Racinet

Ornaments form the entire world history are on display in pagefilling plates of astonishing graphic quality, in full color chromolitho enriched in gold and silver.

Two volumes, volume 1: 220 and volume 2: 120 chromolithographic images and explaining text, Paris, Firmin-Didot et Cie, 1888 / 1883. Dimensions lithographs 39 x 29 cm. Price € 995. Click for more pictures and information.

JEAN LE PAUTRE (1618-1682): Triumphal Arch in honor of Louis XIV

Jean Le Pautre

This very decorative print is of great historical importance, because it records a tradition of setting up temporary triumphal arch constructions as festive decorations for celebrations of national importance. The most important architects and decorators were employed: in this case Charles le Brun. French court history, graphic art, decorative art and even theater art integrate in this print in a fascinating way.

Etching. Arc de Triomphe du Carefour de la Fontaine sainct Gervais, le Paultre sculpsit, A Paris chez van Merlen, rue St Iacques a la ville d’Anvers. Dimensions 38 x 25 cm (plate), 55 x 41 cm (frame). Etching derives from J. Troncon, L'entrée triomphante de leurs Majestez Louis XIV, Paris 1662. Price € 175. Click for more pictures and information.

NICOLAAS PIETERSZ. BERCHEM (1620-1683): Landscape with reposing cows and shepherds

Nicolaas Pietersz. Berchem

The 17th century painter and etcher from Haarlem Claes Berchem was already famous and loved during his lifetime for his pastoral and italianate landscapes. The etching we offer you fits this image perfectly. This print is in a formidable condition, no spots or tears. The frame and passepartout make this a cheerful print an underlign its quality.

Etching, dimensions 35 x 29 cm (plate), 60 x 54 (frame). Price € 280. Click for more pictures and information.

DESIGN FOR A FAN (18th century): The four seasons

fan design

This unique quadruple rococo watercolor on a fan-shaped sheet of paper is in all likelihood a design for a fan. The cheerful images, subtly decorated in gold, keep the middle between child’s play and love scenes and form an allegory of the four seasons.

Watercolor, with raised gilding, unsigned, in fanshaped frame. Price € 495. Click for more pictures and information.

GEORG STURM (1855-1923): The forging Nibelungen of Alberich

Georg Sturm

It is with great pleasure that we bring this cheerful watercolor by Georg Sturm to your attention. Probably a fragment of a more extensive design, perhaps for an opera decor; since we can safely assume we are dealing with two of Alberich's forging dwarfs, the Nibelungen, from Richard Wagner’s Ring. As a decorator of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam - his wall decorations there have recently been restored - it is not difficult to suppose that Sturm was attracted to Wagner.

Watercolor, dimensions 27 x 17 cm (watercolor), 36 x 26 cm (frame). € 650. Click for more pictures and information.

(JEAN) MICHEL III LE BOUTEUX (1648-1694): Ornament print

Michel le Bouteux

This beautiful ornament print show stylish herbal motives mixed with heads of fable-like animals, a theme we know from gothic ornamentation.

Etching manufactured (fait et gravé) Le Bouteux fils, ca. 1680-1700. Dimensions 19,3 x 29,8 cm. Price € 50. Click for more pictures and information.

HENDRIKUS JACOBUS ESHUIJS: design for a poster "Gijsbrecht van Aemstel"

H.J. Eshuijs - affiche ontwerp

This graceful, large-format poster design takes you back to the beginning of the last century, when performances of the Dutch theater classics were still one of the highlights of nightlife. Due to its vertical orientation and the subdued red and black, this authentic design by Hendrik Jacob Eshuijs comes into its own in a central and well-lit spot in a high room or hall.

Signed below right, gouache with ground drawing in charcoal on paper, dimensions 160 x 82 cm. Price € 250. Click for more pictures and information.


stained glass window - art deco

This art deco stained glass window shows figurative elements refering to wisdom, study and filosofy, which makes it very suitable as a decoration for a private study or a school. The enchanting effect of the bright colors of stained glass, when lit from behind, are well known, but a special attraction of this piece are the eyes of the owl at the centre. When light passes from behind, the owls’ eyes light up distinctively.

Stained and enamelled glass window "Wisdom". Dimensions 112 x 64 cm. € 275. Click for more pictures and information.

JUSTE NATHAN BOUCHER (1736-1782): Two ornament prints

Juste Nathan Boucher

Juste Nathan Boucher was initially trained as an architect and would later specialize in drawing ornamental prints for furniture and decorations for the interior and exterior. Boucher's designs are of great importance to our knowledge of the Louis XVI style.

Two etchings from the seventh 'Cahier d'Arabesques'. Designed and engraved by Juste Nathan Boucher. This cahier was published in Paris by Jacques François Chereau (1742-1794). Dimensions 22 cm (h.) and 15 cm (w.). Price: € 35 (for two etchings). Click for more pictures and information.

HENRI SALLEMBIER (approx. 1753-1820): Six decorative designs

Henri Sallembier

The painter, ornament draftsman and engraver Henri Sallembier (also known as Salembier or Sallambier) is regarded as a pioneer and important representative of the Louis XVI style.

Six etchings (complete series) made and engraved by Henri Sallembier, approx. 1780 (2e Cahier de L’oeuvre). Dimensions approx. 34 cm x 22 cm. These etchings were published ‘A Paris chez Chereau rue des Mathurins. Avec Privilège du Roy’. Some light brown, non disturbing spots. Price € 230 (series). Click for more pictures and information.

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