CHARLES AUGUSTE RACINET (1825-1893): l'Ornement polychrome. Receuil historique et pratique de l'Art. Première & deuxième série

Two volumes, volume 1 220 en volume 2 120 chromolithographic images and explaining text, Paris, Firmin-Didot et Cie, 1888 / 1883. Dimensions of the litho's 39 x 29 cm. Price € 995.

Unlike that other famous work on the history of ornaments, The Grammar of Ornament by Owen Jones, l’Ornement polychrome by Racinet focused more on providing inspiring imagery for designers and enthusiasts than on theoretical analysis. Ornaments from the entire world history are on display in full-page, full-color chromolitho of stunning graphic quality, enriched with gold and silver.

Racinet engaged the best graphic designers in France to deliver the plates. The first series appeared between 1869 and 1873 and was so succesful that a second series was released in the period 1883 – 1887. Racinet is also known today for Le costume historique, a complete overview of costume history that appeared in the period 1876 – 1888.

The appreciation that l’Ornement polychrome still enjoys today is evident from the many reproductions that are often offered for high prices per plate. Ars Decora offers you these beautiful and complete volumes in excellent condition. All plates are present and in very good condition; one volume was professionally rebinded in our order.

Racinet l'Ornement Polychrome 122-2
Racinet l'Ornement Polychrome 122-3
Racinet l'Ornement Polychrome 122-4
Racinet l'Ornement Polychrome 122-5
Racinet l'Ornement Polychrome 122-6
Racinet l'Ornement Polychrome 122-7
Racinet l'Ornement Polychrome 122-8
Racinet l'Ornement Polychrome 122-9
Racinet l'Ornement Polychrome 122-1