HENRI SALLEMBIER (approx. 1753-1820): Six decorative designs

Six etchings (complete series) made and engraved by Henri Sallembier, ca. 1780 (2nd Cahier de L'oeuvre). Dimensions approx. 34 cm (h.) and 22 cm (w.). The etchings are published 'A Paris chez Chereau rue des Mathurins. Avec Privilège du Roy' and are numbered 1 to 6. In the top right corner the letter 'B'. Condition: some light brown, not disturbing spots can be seen (see the photos). We can have these etchings cleaned for you if you wish. Price € 230.

The painter, ornament draftsman and engraver Henri Sallembier (also known as Salembier or Sallembier) is regarded with his many 'sehr graziösen und eleganten' (source: Thieme Becker) designs as a trailblazer and an important representative of the Louis XVI style. Benezit even speaks of 'une influence préponderante sur le style de l'époque Louis XVI par ses dessins et ses ornements'. Sallembier is a follower of Jean-Louis Prieur the elder and is regarded even more highly as a designer for his elegant compositions and unity of style. Numerous designs by him appeared with arabesques, cartouches, volutes, garlands, trophies all arranged according to strict symmetry. His designs, published in 30 series (cahiers) between 1770 and 1820, are considered the most important examples for craftsmen (decorative painters, blacksmiths, furniture makers, bronze casters and upholsterers) who applied the Louis XVI style.

Although only a few painted panels are attributed to Sallembier, it is believed that the master executed many of his decorative designs himself. This may also apply to this complete set of six decorative panel designs released under the name 'Cahier d'Arabesques Composés et Gravés par Salembier'. Alfred de Champeaux, who wrote a history of decorative painting, found them so beautiful that he reproduced three of the six etchings we offer in his standard work.

Henri Sallembier 126c-1
Henri Sallembier 126c-2


Henri Sallembier 126c-3
Henri Sallembier 126c-4
Henri Sallembier 126c-5


Henri Sallembier 126c-6
Henri Sallembier 126c-7
Henri Sallembier 126c-8
Henri Sallembier 126c-9
Henri Sallembier 126c-10