Glass and lead, dimensions 112 x 64 cm. Price € 275.

The provenance of this art deco stained glass window is unfortunately unknown. It shows figurative elements refering to wisdom, study and filosofy, which makes this window very suitable as a decoration for a private study or a school. Free hanging stained glass windows may, among other options, be used to prevent unwanted looking in. The enchanting effect of the bright colors of stained glass, when lit from behind, are well known, but a special attraction of this piece are the eyes of the owl at the centre. When light passes from behind, the owls’ eyes light up distinctively.

This remarkable window is in an excellent condition. The strips of lead hold the pieces of glass firmly. Some pieces of glass show a small crack but this does not disturb the general appearance. Strong hooks are fitted so it can be hung without any difficulty.

Stained glass 146-1
Stained glass 146-2
Stained glass 146-3
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