Copy of PETER PAUL RUBENS and FRANS SNYDERS: Christ and John the Baptist as children with two angels

Oil on canvas, dimensions 130 x 86 cm (frame), 120 x 76 cm (canvas). Price € 695.

This joyous and colorful canvas, a copy to a famous antique piece, will certainly be a stupendous eye catcher in a modern interior; just note its size. It is a copy of the painting “Christ and John the Baptist as children with two angels” (about 1615-1620, collection Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna) by Peter Paul Rubens and Frans Snyders. This high-quality copy dates from after 1900 and shows us how a tradionally made copy can get a new meaning as an autonomous work of art.

More copies of this piece are known, but this copyist mastered his craft very well. Note the beautiful and anatomically correct way in which the painter brushed the spine of the middle figure. The paint is applied rapidly but very accurately and creates a powerful performance. The canvas also has exactly the (generous) dimensions of the original.

The painting is in a remarkable good condition. The canvas has been cleaned by our restorer and provided with a thin layer of not too shiny varnish. It was then fitted into a simple but sturdy frame.

Bovendeurstuk Herfst 136-1
Bovendeurstuk Herfst 136-2
Bovendeurstuk Herfst 136-3
Bovendeurstuk Herfst 136-4