G.T. AMBROSIO: Copies of Pompeian frescoes

Around 1900, series of eight separate pieces, oil on paper, dimensions 37 x 25 cm. P.o.d..

These eight very fine Pompeian paintings would be a great embellishment to a long corridor, or a classic library. Being copies of frescoes of the famous House of the Vettii, exhumed firstly in 1896, they were probably created around 1900 as a fancy souvenir of Pompeii. The quality of these copies demonstrates the mastery of their maker. On the back, we read the following information: “G T Ambrosio, Vico Calce 28, Napoli”. Similar works by Ambrosio can be found here.

The original frescoes are in Naples’ Archeological Museum and belong to the socalled Fourth Pompeian Style. Two female figures probably represent the four seasons (see Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli, inv. no. 9295). The lady with the harp bears the mark “Musica”. The artist used a black foundation in order to approach the original work. The dimensions too are quite accurate: the originals measure 41 to 27 cm. Two paintings are part of a larger piece. One of them is the playful “The Amors as goldsmiths”, which is part of a frieze depicting cupids in different activities.

Quite remarkable is the fine coloration Ambrosio used, also approaching the original. These works are in excellent condition. In some areas the edges of the paper were torn and crumbled. To prevent further disintegration, our specialist paper restorer repaired and strengthened the paper and added a margin (see our page on restoration). If wanted, these artworks can be delivered to you framed.

Ambrosio Pompeii 131-1
Ambrosio Pompeii 131-2
Ambrosio Pompeii (Abbondanza) 131-3
Ambrosio Pompeii 131-4
Ambrosio Pompeii (La Musica) 131-5
Ambrosio Pompeii 131-6
Ambrosio Pompeii 131-7
Ambrosio Pompeii 131-8
Ambrosio Pompeii 131-9
Ambrosio Pompeii 131-10
Ambrosio Pompeii 131-11