JOHAN HEINRICH NEUMAN (1819-1898): Portrait of a girl

Signed below right, oil on panel in an oval frame, dimensions 35 x 28 cm (panel), 46 x 39 cm (frame). Price € 1150.

This endearing and characterful portrait of a girl was painted by Johan Heinrich Neuman (1819 - 1898), one of the great Dutch portrait painters of the nineteenth century and a pupil of Jan Adam Kruseman and Nicolaas Pieneman, among others. The signature is legible on the right: J H Neuman fecit.

The refinement with which Neuman has depicted the features of the face and in particular the hairline shows his great skill as a portraitist. The special illumination provides the portrait with remarkable liveliness. In its oval frame, the painting is a decorative presence without being sweet. We see a girl with character. Thanks to a note on the back, we know that it concerns Johanna Cornelia van Daalen (1848-1862), who must have died shortly after this portrait was painted. It is also not inconceivable that Neuman made the painting on the basis of a photo, after the girl had died.

The painting and the frame are in excellent condition, without damage or disturbances.

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