GEORGE GOODWIN KILBURNE (1839 - 1924): Chessmate

Signed below left, watercolour, dimensions 24 x 17 cm (watercolor), 41 x 34 cm (frame). Price € 650.

This highly attractive ‘conversation piece’ by the English genre painter George Goodwin Kilburne (1839 – 1924), depicts a warm domestic scene where a young lady and an older gentleman play a game of chess.George Kilburne was specialized in accurately drawn interiors with figures. His paintings often portrayed the upper classes and fashionable beauties in opulent late 18th and early 19th-century settings. His depiction of this beauty was heightened by his attention to detail with dress, and richly decorated interiors.

Shortly after the death of the Emperor Napoleon III, the Empress Eugenie commissioned Kilburne to paint several pictures for her, which illustrates that his paintings were held in high esteem. Kilburne was elected a member of the New Watercolour Society (RI) in 1866. He became a member of the Royal Miniature Society in 1898 and the Royal Institute of Oil Painters (ROI) in 1883. In London, Kilburne exhibited among other at the Royal Academy between 1863–1918, at the Royal Society of British Artists, the New Watercolour Society and the Royal Miniature Society. Kilburne's work can be seen nowadays in many public and private galleries including the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool, Manchester City Art Gallery and the Sheffield Art Gallery.

The watercolour we offer dates from 1874 and was therefore painted in the early career of the artist. The watercolour is heightened with touches of white. Though painted swiftly and with a limited amount of colour, the interior is depicted very accurately. Note for example the guilded leather and the footpillow. This work of art is in a very good condition and was newly framed recently.

Some of the above mentioned information about the artist, was taken from wikipedia.In 2014 two studies were published about the work of George Kilburne: George Kilburne: 113 Masterpieces by Maria Tsaneva; George Goodwin Kilburne: Collector’s Edition Art Gallery by Nancy Davis. Also see

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