FRANZ XAVER SIMM (1853 - 1918): two panels, boy and girl

Signed below right and monogrammed below left; verso stamp: Original von Franz Simm, IV 134, bestätigt von Robert Simm. Two panels, dimensions (frame excluded) 25 x 13 cm and 23 x 12 cm.

These two charming panels are offered to you as a set. Because of their stylistic similarity and matching color palette, they work perfectly as pendants. Due to the proportions of the image and the low perspective, the paintings seem larger than they really are. The panels are in perfect condition.

Born in Vienna, Franz Simm visited the Akademie der Künste and received instruction from the well-known German painter Anselm Feuerbach. Like many painters of his generation, Simm spent five years in Rome before settling in Munich. He produced small paintings with genre scenes, but the large format also suited him well. In 1881 Simm was commissioned to decorate the walls of the stairwell of the Caucasian Museum in Tbilisi (Georgia). For Hall X in the world-famous Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, Simm produced seven beautiful ceiling paintings in 1890. Simm was in good company because in the same period Gustav Klimt was decorating the stairwell of the museum.

Many of his paintings show the decorative aspect of his work, including the panels of a boy and a girl presented here. With his broad brushstroke, light touch and fine color, Simm has painted two panels that make clear why this nineteenth-century master is still loved.

Franz Xaver Simm 121-1

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