NICOLAAS PIETERSZ. BERCHEM (1620 - 1683): Landscape with reposing cows and shepherds

Etching, dimensions 35 x 29 cm (etching plate), 60 x 54 (including frame). Price € 280.

During his lifetime, the 17th century Haarlem painter and etcher Claes Berchem was already very famous and loved for his pastoral and Italianate landscapes. The etching we offer you fully fits into that image. Berchem was initially strongly influenced by the landscape painter Jan van Goyen, but found his own style and established an entirely new tradition in the combination of a beautiful Italianate fantasy landscape richly decorated with exquisitely depicted animals and human figures. His works radiate the tranquility of a calm, timeless world.

Berchem was Pieter de Hoogh's teacher, but also had a great influence across borders, especially in France, where important painters such as Francois Boucher and Jean-Baptiste Oudry must be placed in his tradition. Making etchings after their own paintings was a good side income for many painters. Berchem's etching is considered to be among the best of his time. Only Rembrandt did he have to acknowledge as his superior.

Most of the etchings with themes such as resting cows and shepherds were produced by Berchem in the years around 1650 – 1660. The print supplied by us is in excellent condition and free of stains or damage. Passepartout and frame make it a cheerful whole and do justice to the great quality of this etching.

Nicolaas Pietersz. Berchem 117-1
Nicolaas Pietersz. Berchem 117-2
Nicolaas Pietersz. Berchem 117-3
Nicolaas Pietersz. Berchem 117-4