JUSTE NATHAN BOUCHER (1736-1782): Two ornament prints

Two etchings from the seventh 'Cahier d'Arabesques'. Designed and engraved by Juste Nathan Boucher. This cahier was published in Paris by Jacques François Chereau (1742-1794) at the Rue des Mathurins, ca. 1780. The etchings are provided with a capital F and G. Dimensions 22 cm (h.) and 15 cm (w.) . Condition: good. Price: € 35 (for two etchings).

Boucher was an architect, ornament draftsman and engraver. Son of the famous artist François Boucher (1703-1770) with whom he is sometimes confused because he also called himself François. Juste Nathan Boucher was initially trained as an architect and would later specialize in drawing ornamental prints for furniture and decorations for the interior and exterior (released as a collection under the title: 'Modèles d'ameublement, de décoration intérieure et extérieur'). Boucher's designs are of great importance to our knowledge of the Louis XVI style.

Juste Nathan Boucher 126f-1
Juste Nathan Boucher 126f-2


Juste Nathan Boucher 126f-3
Juste Nathan Boucher 126f-4


Juste Nathan Boucher 126f-5