OVERDOOR (supraporte / dessus-de-porte), "Venus and Adonis"

Oil on canvas, brunaille, unsigned, dimensions 91 x 46 cm. Price € 350.

We offer you a rare overdoor painting, which dates from the end-time of decorative painting in the interior (around 1920). More information about overdoors can be found in our blog. The piece shown here has been part of a paneling, which is why there is no frame.

The 'brunaille' painted in predominantly brown-pink hues, is painted with a quick but skilled brushstroke. The figures of the two putti are well-hit, the surrounding landscape is sketched more globally. The scene can be regarded as a free interpretation of 'Venus and Adonis' from the Metamorphoses of Ovidius, a theme that has been depicted for centuries on decorative pieces. In this period the decorative appearance was paramount and the allegorical message was subordinate to it.

This brunaille has been checked and cleaned by our restorer. The canvas has some weary spots and repairs, but not in the figures.

Brunaille Venus en Adonis 132-1
Brunaille Venus en Adonis 132-2
Brunaille Venus en Adonis 132-3
Brunaille Venus en Adonis 132-4
Brunaille Venus en Adonis 132-5
Brunaille Venus en Adonis 132-6